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published 2 years, 5 months ago
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It's Angie.

Welcome to angie dot moe! This is the personal site of none other than Edith Rosemary "Angie" de Salomon, the world-famous composer and musician.

Here on this site you will no doubt find lots of fun stuff, because the one thing everyone knows about Angie is they love fun, and will do anything to obtain it. Even if "fun" in their vocabulary just means eating a falafel while reading a visual novel or calmly attempting to conjugate words in some foreign language. (On a particularly jovial day, they might even watch some anime or restring their guitar!)

You will find much great stuff about Angie, by Angie, and just for Angie here. Even a few things that might just be Angie-adjacent. Much to do with music and drawing and language, which are just a few of Angie's many interests—all seven of them! You might just find out some cool info here not just about Angie themself, but about a few things even you might be interested in!

So join the forces of Angie, and find your true calling in this life...Or maybe just enjoy the text, whatever there is of it!